Planning and Development

Planning and Development provides a number of services related to the development of the city. The department develops and manages long range planning documents, including statutory plans required by the Municipal Government Act, which shape the future growth of the city as a whole. By encouraging a well-designed and sustainable community, the Planning and Development team strives to achieve a high quality of life for residents.


The CityView Portal allows you to apply online for development permits, construction and trades permits, lot grading, business licences, inspections and other applications and approvals. You can also pay these fees online, request inspections and view the status of your applications.

Safety Codes Permits

Most projects require building and trades permits, which provide formal permission to build your project and to ensure the standards of construction safety are met.


All businesses and individuals providing goods and/or services in the City of Spruce Grove must have a current business licence.

Development Permits

A development permit provides legal authorization for a development. Having it protects the property owner or renter/leasee against future legal or transactional issues. Development permits must be obtained prior to undertaking a development.

Current Land Use Planning

Current land use planning focuses on implementing the vision and goals outlined in strategic and long-range planning documents by ensuring that everyday planning decisions and actions are guided by long-term community aspirations. 

Long-range Planning

Long-range and strategic planning involves the creation and adoption of strategic and long-term community vision plans, including statutory plans, such as Municipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plans.


If you have any questions about planning and development in Spruce Grove, please contact us.