Facility Rentals

The City of Spruce Grove rents facilities for events, celebrations and meetings, as well as sports and recreation use. There are a wide variety of facilities to meet your needs, some of which are only open on a seasonal basis.

Facility status

Please review the following status updates on the City’s facility rentals:

Facility Available to rent
Not available to rent
Agrena – Agra Room  
Agrena – Grant Fuhr Arena  
Agrena – Grant Fuhr Lounge  
Agrena – Stu Barnes Arena  
Ball diamonds  
Border Paving Athletic Centre – Great Horned Owl Room  
Border Paving Athletic Centre – Jen-Col Room  
Border Paving Athletic Centre – Lodgepole Pine Room  
Border Paving Athletic Centre – Zender Ford Room  
Elks Hall  
Horizon Stage  
Fuhr Sports Park  
Sport fields  
School rentals  

Booking Inquiries

Facility bookings at the Civic Centre are not currently available. For inquiries about future facility bookings, email bookings@sprucegrove.org .