Pest Control Programs

Weed Control

Throughout the season, the City of Spruce Grove applies pesticides to control noxious weeds in accordance to Provincial legislation and where the infestation of nuisance weeds exceed acceptable standards as part of a turf grass management program.

Beginning in June the City will use contract applicators to apply pesticides on various City Lands including: boulevards, parks, reserve lands, and roadsides. Applications on school grounds only take place in July and August. Treated areas will be posted with signs noting the date and time of application and the product used. Vegetation control applications on fence lines, around posts and cracks in hard surfaces are not posted.

Insect and Other Pest Programs

Insect pests on trees and woody ornamentals are controlled when they produce an unacceptable amount of damage and are a threat to plant health. Vertebrate pests such as Richardson ground squirrels are also controlled on City lands.

All pest control products and procedures used meet strict standards established by Health Canada through the Pest Control Products Act and are considered safe for these types of applications. Employees are trained and certified by Alberta Environment and meet stringent standards in the method of application.

For information on broadleaf or other weed control call City of Spruce Grove, Public Works Division at 780-962-7584.