City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan

City Council passed the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) on April 27, 2020, which provides a policy framework for guiding redevelopment and revitalization of the City Centre through consideration of land use, mobility, urban design, building guidelines, and implementation.

The ARP’s implementation plan has identified several projects that commenced in 2020 as the initial undertakings toward fulfilling the Plan’s City Centre vision of creating a vibrant, mixed use area. These include:

Phase 1

As part of Phase 1 of this revitalization, the City has started design work on Main Street (Church Road to 1 Avenue), McLeod Avenue (King Street to Queen Street), and the redevelopment of Columbus Park. Phase 1 is currently in the design phase, with construction planned for 2021 and 2022.

The project will revitalize McLeod Avenue and Main Street to create welcoming spaces and a safe and improved experience for those who walk, bike, drive or use transit. The scope of the project will include upgrades to aging underground infrastructure, roadway reconstruction, wider sidewalks, landscaping, street trees, new lighting, amenity spaces and street furniture. Upgrades will support existing and future land uses.

Changes to Columbus Park will include a re-imagining of the space as a venue for gathering and public events in all seasons. Specific changes will include additional open space, placement of seating for all seasons, landscaping, lighting, and a stage.

As part of Phase 1, a Mobility Plan is being created for the greater CCARP boundary (pictured below). This Mobility Plan will take a wholistic look at how infrastructure can support the City’s long-term goal of a connected and walkable City Centre. Specifically, the plan will provide recommendations on any new or revised streets, pedestrian pathways/connections, traffic calming measures, and intersection changes.

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