Social Sustainability Plan

Social Sustainability is about making sure we can meet the needs of residents today as well as into the future by fostering healthy communities. It also means that social wellbeing is balanced with economic and environmental considerations.

As the City of Spruce Grove grows we need to take proactive steps to ensure it continues to be a great place to live, work and play.

The City of Spruce Grove's Social Sustainability Plan   was presented to Council in 2016. This plan provides a blueprint to address the social needs that currently exist and builds resiliency as our community changes. 

The Social Sustainability Plan identifies 8 key areas for action:

Public Transportation
Increase social wellness through appropriate and affordable public transportation.
Homeless Population
Develop a program of support for the homeless population in Spruce Grove.
Develop a continuum of housing in Spruce Grove.
Access to Programs and Services
Increase access to social wellness programs, services, and supports.
Family & Domestic Violence
Reduce the levels of domestic violence.
Create and sustain Spruce Grove as an inclusive city.
Community Engagement
Create sustainability through community engagement.
Civic Governance & Admin Practices
Modify city governance and administrative practices to ensure the plan is incorporated.


Examples of Initiatives

1. Homelessness - Winter Emergency Response Plan

A Spruce Grove winter emergency response plan is currently being developed with community partners. This will provide options to vulnerable residents that do not have a home when temperatures go below a certain level during the winter months to protect them from cold weather exposure. The goal is to have a plan in place by November 2019.

Stakeholders serving Spruce Grove have been invited to participate. The stakeholders represent various organizations and were selected based on their expertise in emergency response, potential available resources, and work with homeless populations.

Broader consultation with additional stakeholders will occur once a draft plan is developed.

2. Community Engagement -  Block Party Program

The Block Party Program creates opportunities for neighbours to get together and build relationships with one another. Knowing your neighbours results in safer and more caring communities.

Forty block parties were hosted through this program in 2019! In 2020 the Block Party Program will continue to grow - enhancing community engagement on every block!

3. Inclusivity – New Beginnings Listening Circle

The New Beginnings Listening Circle is based on the Indigenous sacred tradition of sharing circles. It is a safe environment where all community members can share and learn from one another in the spirit of reconciliation.

More information can be found here.

4. Domestic Violence – Grant Opportunity

This is a grant opportunity is for up to $30,000 annually for organizations that offer treatment services to offenders, victims, and children exposed to domestic violence.

Applications are now closed for the 2020 grant awards.  Awards will be announced in late 2019.


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