Social Sustainability Plan

The City of Spruce Grove is committed to improving and sustaining the quality of life for all residents through supporting a resilient, inclusive, and equitable community. A key component of this commitment focuses on social sustainability, which recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of current and future generations. This is achieved by creating systems and structures that enable all residents to thrive.

The City of Spruce Grove's initial Social Sustainability Plan was presented to Council in 2016. The Social Sustainability Refresh 2023 was completed and presented to Council in 2023. The update affirmed key community priority areas including:

  • Community Connection and Belonging
  • Domestic Violence/Abuse
  • Mental Health and Addiction
  • Meeting Basic Needs
  • Those Living Without Shelter 

The City’s Social Sustainability Plan acts as a guide for achieving long-term goals and provides objectives and actions that address complex social issues. The strategies are designed to strengthen the existing social fabric of the community by working with partners to raise awareness of social issues and support initiatives that enhance social well-being.


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