New Beginnings – An Indigenous Engagement Improvement Strategy

New Beginnings

New Beginnings was a corporate initiative that engaged the community to identify priority areas and build relationships to remove barriers and provide culturally appropriate services for Indigenous people. 

Although, this corporate initiative has ended the City of Spruce Grove will continue to work on Reconciliation within the Community Inclusion Initiative. The City of Spruce Grove recognizes that actions of Reconciliation will create a more inclusive community and will help deepen relationships with Indigenous people that live in Spruce Grove and with the First Nations and Metis communities in the Tri Region. 

Urban Indigenous Definition

In accordance with this initiative, the definition of Urban Indigenous refers to communities that have an Indigenous population residing within the boundaries of Parkland County and whom utilize resources that are physically located within the communities therein.

Statistics Canada recently changed their verbiage of “urban” which referred to any place where 1,000 permanent inhabitants reside, to that of “population centres”.