Firefighter Recruitment

Considering a career as a firefighter?

A career with Spruce Grove Fire Services, a fully integrated fire and EMS service, is exciting, fulfilling, diverse and challenging. We are ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dedicated teams of emergency services professionals save lives and protect property by responding quickly and effectively. If you thrive on teamwork, want to help those in need, and have a desire to contribute to your community, consider applying today. Complete a self-evaluation questionnaire.

Things to consider before applying

Before you submit your firefighter application, take the time to learn all you can about the job and requirements. Familiarize yourself with the job tasks and the various steps in the selection process. Do your homework; it's better to be overprepared than under unprepared.

  • Although exciting, this is also a dangerous job. You may be exposed to many hazardous conditions, loud noises, and contaminants, and be required to work in extreme temperatures.
  • You need to be prepared to travel (if required) to complete various testing events. It is not always possible to participate in multiple tests in one trip.
  • You must be commitment to maintaining a daily fitness regime and monitoring your personal wellness is essential to ensuring personal safety and longevity. Make sure you have the strength, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning required to take on the physical challenges of this career.
  • Ethical behaviour and accountability must be part of your nature. Taking responsibility for and ownership of your actions is vital to success in the hiring process and in your career.
    You must have the ability to carry out orders and the capacity to assess and act on your own initiative, while also being able to work effectively as part of a team.
  • You must be able to follow and act on complex oral and written instructions; you will be evaluated on these skills throughout our assessments.
  • A practical understanding of a wide range of subjects related to fire, rescue, dangerous goods and EMS is important, including the ability to operate and understand the operation of mechanical equipment.
  • Your demeanour and input throughout the selection process are taken into consideration as part of the final hiring decision.
  • Job fitness is one of many critical factors considered in our decision making process. Successful completion of all steps in the process does not guarantee a job offer.

Minimum qualifications

You must meet the following minimum qualifications on the date you submit your application:

  • Currently registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics as a Registered Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) or Registered Primary Care Paramedic (PCP). Proof of registration must be uploaded at the time of application.
  • Valid Class 4 driver's licence and driver's abstract showing a satisfactory driving record with six or fewer demerits. A valid Class 3 driver's licence and Air Brake (Q) endorsement must be completed by your start date.
  • Have the ability to successfully obtain, and maintain, a vulnerable sector police information check (required upon offer and is a condition of employment).
  • Ability to pass physical and medical standards, including eyesight and audible, as outlined in the NFPA standard. See the list of disqualifying medical conditions.

NOTE: Out-of-province applicants with provisional registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics (pursing a Labour Mobility application) may be considered. Full registration is required by the date of the interview.

Preferred qualifications

The following qualifications are preferred, but not mandatory, to submit your application:

  • NFPA 1001 – Level I & II certification
  • Emergency medical/fire response work experience
  • Current ITLS certification
  • Current PALS certification
  • Current ACLS certification

Successful candidates will receive training for NFPA 1001. Dependent on the department, successful applicants that have their PCP and NFPA 1001 will be given training to become a certified Advanced Care Paramedic.

Recruitment process

The firefighter recruitment process has multiple steps and usually takes six months to complete. The steps will not necessarily occur in the following order.

  1. Information session - An opportunity to learn more about the City of Spruce Grove Fire Service and being a firefighter.
  2. Applications open
  3. Firefighter aptitude test - A two-hour test that measures the candidate's understanding of oral, reading and written information, numerical skills, maps, diagrams, mechanical reasoning and teamwork/public relations. Candidates are assigned a time slot on one of the testing days.
  4. University of Alberta Firefighter Fitness Test – For details, please visit the University of Alberta Firefighter Fitness Testing website. Candidates who have passed the fitness test within the last six months will not have to re-test, provided test results are confirmed. The candidate is responsible for testing fees.
  5. Medical knowledge test - A half-day test which includes an in-depth written exam coupled with a circuit of short (5-10 minute) stations, where each candidate is examined one-on-one. Each station has a different examiner and candidates rotate through, providing clinical assessments and reviewing diagnosis and treatment options.
  6. Panel interview – Behavioural-based interviews. Candidates should be prepared to answer questions using the STAR method: Situation (what was the circumstance); Task (what needed to be done?); Action (what did you do?); Result (what happened or what feedback did you receive?).
  7. Conditional Offer of Employment - Following the successful tests and interview, selected candidates will be given a conditional offer of employment, contingent on the candidate successfully completing the pre-employment medical assessment and drug screening.
  8. Pre-employment medical assessment and drug screening - The medical assessment is a condition of employment and is a general physical examination, ensuring candidate meets the requirements and physical demands of firefighting.
  9. Start of employment - If an offer of employment is accepted, the employee will be notified when to report for their first shift. New employees serve a twelve-month probationary period and undergo a mandatory orientation as per the collective agreement. Various performance standards are set and performance is assessed on a regular basis during the probationary period. Continual assessment by your Captain and crew occurs throughout the probationary period and formal evaluations are conducted at the six and twelve month periods. If the set standards are not met, a probationary employee may be terminated at any time, thus it is expected that employees will make all efforts to be successful in their role as a firefighter with the City of Spruce Grove.

How to apply

Applications are not being accepted at this time. When a competition opens, the job posting will be available on the City of Spruce Grove careers page.


Answers to many common questions about firefighter recruitment can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below. For additional questions about the recruitment process, please contact:

City of Spruce Grove
Rebecca Furry - HR Business Partner

Yes. Each recruitment campaign is a separate process.

When a recruitment competition is open, job postings will be listed on the careers page

There is no cost to submit your application. If you are successful in reaching the University of Alberta Firefighting Fitness Assessment stage, you will be responsible for the fee associated with this test. 

Minimum vision and hearing standards are:

On audiometric testing, average hearing loss in the unaided better ear greater than 40 decibels (dB) at 500 hertz (Hz), 1,000 Hz, 2,000 Hz and 3,000 Hz when the audiometric device is calibrated to ANSI Z24.5, Audiometric Device Testing.

Far visual acuity less than 20/0 binocular, corrected with contact lenses or spectacles, or far visual acuity less than 20/100 binocular for wearers of heard contacts or spectacles uncorrected.

Visit the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) website for more information on NFPA 1582 Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments, Chapter 6 – Medical Evaluations of Candidates.

No more than six (6) demerit points are allowed. A current driver’s abstract is required at a later phase of the recruitment process.

The number of available positions may differ during each recruitment competition. The department may utilize the competition after it has been completed to hire candidates from an eligibility list that will be established until the next recruitment. 

No. Firefighter-Paramedics are assigned to fire apparatus or the ambulance on a rotating basis.

You must meet the full registration requirements for paramedics to apply. Visit the Alberta College of Paramedics website for more information.

NOTE: Out of province applicants with provisional registration with Alberta College of Paramedics (pursuing a Labour Mobility application) may be considered; full registration is required by the date of interview. 

City of Spruce Grove, IAFF Local 3021