Corporate Plan

The corporate plan is the City's principal guiding document for governance, community development and service delivery.

The City’s strategic plan was renewed in 2018. The strategic plan outlines Spruce Grove City Council's vision for the future of Spruce Grove and identifies the priorities to continue to make Spruce Grove a city of choice.

The strategic plan is built on three themes:

  • Where people choose to live.
  • Where people choose to experience community.
  • Where people choose to grow a business.

The corporate plan flows from Council’s strategic plan using the tools of oversight and governance of decision making, program or organization–wide business cases and capital project profiles, performance measurement and meaningful reporting.

This year, the 2022-2024 Corporate Plan focuses on how we propose to invest in the community and the municipality. The plan clearly outlines these investments and benefits to the community, the financial requirements to support the City’s proposed direction, and how we are going to focus our efforts moving forward. We are also continuing the journey of fiscal sustainability by building a budget that provides greater transparency and line of sight while using various funding strategies to move the City forward in a sustainable way.

City Council approved the Corporate Plan at the November 29, 2021 Council meeting, which was recorded and available to watch online