Corporate Plan

2023-2025 Recommended Corporate Plan and Budget 2023 Highlights Now Available! 

The 2023-2025 Recommended Corporate Plan and Budget 2023 Highlights are now available to view. This Recommended Plan reflects the proposed investments in the community to deliver on Council's Strategic Plan, as well as the proposed investments in the municipality to create a strong foundation of long-term sustainability. As our community grows, investments in recreation, arts, culture, environment and service delivery are needed to continue building a city where all are welcome, where growth occurs in the most fiscally responsible way and where residents have opportunities to be engaged.

As a municipal government, the City of Spruce Grove is responsible for infrastructure, programs and services that directly impact the day-to-day lives of City residents. This includes transportation networks (roads and trails), utility services and structures (water, sanitary sewer, stormwater and solid waste), and parks and open spaces, as well as funding community facilities such as the TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre and the Spruce Grove Public Library. The Corporate Plan outlines the resources required to deliver these programs and services, provide funding to the community, and implementing Council’s vision for the City of Spruce Grove, as described in the 2022-2025 City of Spruce Grove Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan captures Council’s commitment to the community and is organized into four main themes:

  1. Community Connections
  2. Environmental Sustainability
  3. Economic Prosperity
  4. Governance in Action

Within each of these themes are a series of goals, objectives, and actions. Some of them are more immediate and short term, while others are longer term and will contribute to the outcomes of future Councils. Each goal, objective and action that requires further investment are considered and assessed through the City’s annual corporate planning process.

New for this year is the Budget 2023 Highlights document which captures what City Administration is proposing to Council in terms of programs, services, fees and property taxes. 

Have a Question on the Recommended Corporate Plan? 

Should residents have any questions on the Recommended Plan, they can register in advance to ask a question in person during the public question and answer period during the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 7, 2022, or they can submit a question to be asked on their behalf.

To ask a question in person, residents are asked to register in advance by emailing or calling 587-336-0387 before noon on November 7. When registering, please provide the question you intend to ask. In-person attendees will have two minutes to ask their question.​

Alternately, residents can submit a question to be asked on their behalf by emailing Questions will be accepted until the close of the question and answer period at the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 7.

One question per person is permitted. Questions may be answered during the meeting or may be referred to Administration for further research. In all cases the resident will receive a reply to their question.