Corporate Plan

The corporate plan is the City's principal guiding document for governance, community development and service delivery.

The City’s strategic plan was renewed in 2018. The strategic plan outlines Spruce Grove City Council's vision for the future of Spruce Grove and identifies the priorities to continue to make Spruce Grove a city of choice.

The strategic plan is built on three themes:

  • Where people choose to live.
  • Where people choose to experience community.
  • Where people choose to grow a business.

The corporate plan flows from Council’s strategic plan using the tools of oversight and governance of decision making, of a system that incorporates strategic portfolios, program or organization–wide business cases, performance measurement and meaningful reporting.

This year we took a revised approach in the development of the 2021-2023 Corporate Plan to provide the information in a way that tells the story of how we reached the decisions, what we’ve learned from various experiences, and how we are going to focus our efforts moving forward.

We have developed three strategic portfolios to organize and guide investments and business cases to better support or enhance our core programs and services:

  • Investing in Our Growth and Prosperity
  • Investing in Our Interconnectivity
  • Investing in Our Service Supports

We are also working to develop a fiscal sustainability framework that will ultimately work with the corporate plan to provide residents with a high quality of life at an affordable rate, while also staying the strategic course of municipal economic sustainability.