The City of Spruce Grove purchases water from EPCOR. High quality drinking water is pumped from Edmonton, stored in reservoirs and then pumped into our underground distribution network. Customer properties are serviced from this network and all water consumption is metered for billing purposes.

The City of Spruce Grove is committed to delivering a reliable and sustainable water service.

If you want to manage your water utility account, please visit Utility Accounts.

Water conservation

Learn how to save money and water with simple changes around your home such as using a rain barrel and only running your washer when full.

Upcoming changes to drinking water

EPCOR cares about the health and wellbeing of customers and takes its commitment to providing safe, reliable drinking water very seriously. Our region’s drinking water comes from EPCOR’s treatment plants. In early 2023, EPCOR will add orthophosphate to its water treatment process to protect customers from lead in drinking water and water pipe corrosion. While there isn’t lead in the water when it leaves the treatment plant, lead can get into the drinking water through lead pipes and other household plumbing fixtures. 

Orthophosphate is tasteless, odourless and safe. Phosphate is naturally found in foods like bread, cheese, fruits and nuts. It’s also a common additive in beverages.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit the Epcor website.