Responsible Pet Ownership

Many of us are pet owners and consider our animals to be part of the family. Pets can be a wonderful addition to both a household and a community, as they help keep people active, provide companionship, and add diversity and vibrancy to the community.

What is responsible pet ownership?

As pet owners, we have a responsibility to care for our pets, while also being considerate of our neighbours and the community.

The City’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw defines the responsibilities of pet owners and identifies rules and regulations for residents who keep pets within Spruce Grove to ensure the safety and well-bring of residents, pets, and pet owners.

Frequently asked questions

The Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw defines the responsibilities of pet owners and identifies rules and regulations for residents who keep pets within Spruce Grove. It also identifies the species of animals that may be kept as pets, how many pets are allowed per household, and the fines related to infractions of the bylaw.

In April 2024, City Council approved Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, which replaced the former Dog and Domestic Animal Control Bylaw. The Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw provides clarity to the rules and regulations around pet ownership in Spruce Grove, defines the responsibilities of pet owners, and provides a more consistent approach in how dog and cat owners need to manage the behaviour of their pets.

Highlights of the updated Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw are:

  • Cat owners are required to regulate the behaviour of their animals in a manner consistent with that of dogs including they are not permitted to run at large, they must wear a collar with ID tag containing the owner’s phone number, and they must not cause a public nuisance.
  • It clarifies the total number of pets that can be kept in a household. There is a limit of five dogs and cats in total, per household.
  • The keeping of domestic animals (pigs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks or cows) as pets within Spruce Grove city limits is prohibited. Pigeons, rabbits, and pheasants are permitted.
  • Pet owners must take precautions to ensure an animal is not in distress and must ensure care is taken to protect the animal and provide adequate shelter, food, and water.
  • Fine amounts for bylaw infractions are increasing to bring Spruce Grove into alignment with other similar-sized cities in Alberta.

Under the Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, cat owners must ensure:

  • Their pet is kept on their property and is not allowed to roam free or run at large.
  • Their pet wears a collar with an ID tag attached that contains the owner’s phone number any time the animal is off its own property.
  • Their pet does not cause a public nuisance or cause harm or damage to any other person or animal.

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Yes, all dogs and cats over the age of six months are required to wear an identification tag that contains the phone number of the owner or a phone number where the owner can be contacted. The ID tag must be securely attached to a collar or harness which must be worn by the animal whenever it is off the owner’s property.

Residents can have up to five dogs and/or cats in total. More information is available in the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

Domestic animals are animals which have been domesticated for agricultural use including pigs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, and cows. The Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw prohibits keeping domestic animals as pets in Spruce Grove. Any questions related to this section of the bylaw can be directed to Enforcement Services at 780-962-7586.

If you have a concern about an unwanted cat on your property, follow these steps listed on the Cat Ownership page. If you have any other animal-related concern, you can submit a complaint.