Dog Ownership

For many people, dogs are a member of the family. As a responsible pet owner, please keep the following in mind:

Dog identification

The City of Spruce Grove does not require dog owners to obtain a municipal licence for their pets. Rather, as outlined in the City’s Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, owners must properly identify their dog with a tag displaying a current phone number. The tag must be attached to a collar or harness that must be worn by the dog when it is off the owner’s property.

Lost and found dogs

If you discover your dog is lost, there are several things you should do:

  • Look around your home, yard, and neighbourhood. Ask your neighbours if they have seen your pet, including the time and location.
  • Contact Enforcement Services to file a missing pet report.
  • Social media can be a useful tool to help locate your lost pet. You can visit the Parkland County Animal Shelter Facebook page for information on animals that have been brought to the shelter.

Any lost or found dogs within Spruce Grove are taken to Parkland County Animal Shelter. If you locate your pet at the shelter, owners are generally responsible for paying shelter fees. You may also receive a ticket for having a dog at large.

If you find a lost or stray dog, contact Enforcement Services and a Community Peace Officer will pick up the dog and take it to the Parkland County Animal Shelter.

There are steps you can take to help prevent your dog from getting lost and, if your dog does go missing, help ensure a safe return home:

  • Put a collar or harness on your dog with the required identification tag that includes your contact information.
  • Tattoo or microchip your dog and ensure the contact information is accurate.
  • Keep indoor pets inside – the chance of them going missing is greatly reduced if they stay indoors.
  • Spay and neuter your companion pets, as this will diminish their urge to roam and mate.
  • If you take your dog outside, ensure it is properly leashed or in a secured area, like a fenced yard.

Dogs in public spaces

Dog owners are welcome to take their pets to most public spaces in Spruce Grove, but pets must be kept on a leash at all times. The only exception is when dogs are at one of the City’s two designated dog off-leash parks:

All other pathways, parks and open spaces within Spruce Grove are on-leash areas. This includes the City’s Heritage Grove Park trail system and Jubilee Park. Pets are not, however, allowed in any playground areas, at splash pads/spray parks, and are not permitted to enter or remain in any ponds or stormwater facilities in Spruce Grove.

When out in public, dogs must be under the control of a responsible person and on a leash no more than three metres long. They must also be wearing their required identification tag. This is not only for their safety, but also to ensure they do not create a hazard or become a nuisance or risk to other people and pets.

Under the Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, there are fines for allowing a dog to run at large, or having a pet that disturbs the peace of others, or is being a public nuisance.

Dog owners are also required to clean up after their animals in public spaces. Failure to remove droppings can result in a fine.

If you do encounter a dog at large, please contact Enforcement Services.