Climate Change Adaptation Action Ideas

Plant climate resilient plants
Plant drought and disease resistant plants, such as Creeping Thyme, Aster, or Jack Pine, to improve environmental resilience.

Grow your own food
Support pollinators and local food security by growing fruit, vegetables, or herbs in your garden, balcony, and/or kitchen.

Prevent the spread of invasive species
Recognize local invasive species and ensure they are not in your home or yard by learning more on the Alberta Invasive Species Council website.

Keep track of outdoor air quality and improve indoor air quality
Download the WeatherCAN app to plan your outdoor activities according to current air quality conditions and improve your indoor air quality with plants and air purifiers.

Incorporate the 3 R’s into your home
Check out the Trim Your Trash app to ensure you are sorting waste correctly and get other tips to "reduce your waste-line".

Conserve water
Learn how to save money and water with simple changes in your home such as using a rain barrel and only running your washer when full.

Implement climate resilient home guidelines
Learn about actions you can take to make your home more climate resilient, from improved landscaping to better insulation using this guide.

Support citizen science
Get involved in various community science initiatives that support climate data collection for a more climate resilient future, such as monitoring lakes and identifying plants!

Improve severe weather emergency preparedness
Ensure that you are alerted when severe weather is coming with the Alberta Emergency Alert app and have an emergency kit prepared.


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