Economic and Business Development

Economic and Business Development is responsible for bringing new businesses and investments to Spruce Grove. The department ensures that Spruce Grove offers a competitive environment for businesses and investors.

Economic and Business Development is also involved in the following activities:

  • Implementing the economic development strategy to grow the commercial and industrial tax base.
  • Coordinate business retention and attraction efforts through marketing.
  • Develop programs and services to help local businesses prosper and grow.
  • Pursue strategies designed to take advantage of Spruce Grove’s location as the gateway to Edmonton on the Yellowhead TransCanada Highway.
  • Work with industrial park developers to attract new industries that represent a good fit for Spruce Grove.
  • Support the development of commercial services for Spruce Grove and the regional trade market.
  • Serve as an advocate for the business community within the City.
  • Lead efforts to recruit corporate sponsorship s for City facilities.
  • Promote sports tourism and attract major events to Spruce Grove.
  • Manage the City’s land inventory.
  • Develop and implement strategies to acquire, sell and maximize the value of City-held lands.
  • Coordinate revitalization efforts for the City Centre through working with businesses and property owners to encourage reinvestment and rebranding of the area.

Boards and agencies

We represent the City on the following external boards and agencies related to economic development:

  • Greater Edmonton Economic Development Team
  • Edmonton Regional Tourism Partnership
  • Edmonton Global EDO Network