Clean Energy Improvement Program

The City of Spruce Grove is taking steps to develop a Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) that would provide property owners with financing to make energy efficient and renewable upgrades (including solar panels) to their property. Property owners would pay back the loan through their regular property tax bill over the lifespan of the upgrade (or sooner if they wish).


In early May 2024, the City submitted the full application to the federal government for the Clean Energy Improvement Program. It is anticipated that the earliest that Spruce Grove residential property owners could apply for the CEIP would be in early 2025, and early 2026 for non-residential property owners.

Stay updated

There are two ways to stay up to date on the progress of a Spruce Grove CEIP:

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Frequently asked questions

The program cost will impact only those who choose to participate in the program and will not impact Spruce Grove taxpayers as a whole.

The City’s cost of borrowing (principal and interest) will be charged as a Clean Energy Improvement Tax to the individual property owners who participate in the CEIP.

The City’s administrative costs for the first four years of the residential CEIP will be funded through a grant from the Government of Canada. After that, administrative costs will be covered by the Clean Energy Improvement Tax paid by the property owners who choose to participate in the program.

It takes time to move through the steps required to develop a CEIP, which include funding applications, approvals, and program design. It is anticipated the City will move through these steps over the next several months and begin accepting applications from residential property owners in early 2025. 

No. CEIP does not fund projects retroactively. Funding is only available for eligible projects after an application is approved, program agreements are signed, and the property owner has received an Installation Authorization Notice from Alberta Municipalities. 

More information and frequently asked questions are available Alberta Municipalities’ website.


If you still have more questions, please send us an email.