Apply for a Business Licence

To apply for a business licence in Spruce Grove, first determine which type of business licence you need, then follow the detailed steps provided below and submit the applications/permits required.

Resident business licence

Resident business licences are required for commercial, industrial and institutional operations within Spruce Grove. They are also required for home occupations and home offices within the city.

Types of resident business licences:

Tri-municipal business licence

Resident businesses located in the City of Spruce Grove are eligible for a tri-municipal business licence, which would eliminate the need for a separate licence in the Town of Stony Plain and Parkland County. To apply for a tri-municipal business licence, you must already have a valid resident business licence, submit an application   with the applicable tri-municipal business licence fees  .

Non-resident business licence

A non-resident business licence is required for businesses whose business location is outside of the municipal boundaries of Spruce Grove but who operate in part, or wholly, within city limits. This includes all contractors and sub-contractors. To apply for a non-resident business licence, submit an application   with the applicable non-resident business licence fees  .

Temporary business licence

Businesses that operate in Spruce Grove for three consecutive days (72 hours or less) once per calendar year must have a temporary licence. Contractors must complete their work, and request an inspection within the 72 hours. To apply for a temporary business licence, submit an application   with the applicable business licence fees  .

Submit a business licence application

Business licence applications can be submitted:


Contact Planning and Development.