Business Licensing

All businesses and individuals providing goods and/or services in the City of Spruce Grove must have a current business licence. This includes contractors, sub-contractors and non-profit organizations.

A business with more than one location in Spruce Grove needs a separate licence for each business location. If you change the use of your business space or move to a new location, you will need to apply for a development permit before a business licence can be issued. We suggest you do not sign a lease or begin interior alterations until you have a valid development permit.

The City also has an Intermunicipal Business Licence Arrangement with the Town of Stony Plain. If you are a business owner in either community, you can now apply for a business licence in the other community at no charge, allowing you to operate in both municipalities without having to purchase multiple business licences.

Each year between mid-November and mid-January, business owners operating in Spruce Grove must either renew their licence or apply for a new one.

Provincial/federal permits and licences

You may also require provincial or federal permits and licences. It is your responsibility to apply for these before applying for a business licence in Spruce Grove. Use BizPal, an online resource, to identify which additional permits and licences you may need from the provincial and federal governments.

Business Licence FAQs

Yes. Every individual business that operates in Spruce Grove requires a separate business licence.

No. You must wait for your business licence to be issued. If you require any other permits, you must get them before the City can issue you a business licence.

Yes. If you conduct business within the city for a period of 72 consecutive hours or less, you must have a temporary business licence.

No. You do not need a business licence to hold a garage sale.