Development Permits

Development Permits deal with a development's impact on surrounding properties. It is written approval from the City of Spruce Grove that ensures that what you are planning to do complies with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw.

Here are some examples of situations where you would need a development permit:

  • New buildings and developments
  • Renovations to an existing development
  • Changing the use, or intensity of use, of a building
  • Excavate or stockpile
  • Applying for a business licence (some cases)


Before you begin a project, check what permits you need and what documents you must provide. 

Apply online for permit applications using the CityView Portal.

Your application may be reviewed by several City departments. If the City identifies any concerns with your application, you will be advised.

Once the Development Officer is satisfied that your application complies with the Land Use Bylaw, your development permit will be issued. The Development Officer may have up to 40 days to decide.

You may proceed only after:

  1. you have received final approval of development and building permits,
  2. the appeal period has expired, and
  3. all permit conditions are met.

You must act on the development permit within 12 months from the issue date, or the permit becomes invalid.



You may submit an appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) if

  • your proposal does not comply with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw and your development permit is refused, or
  • you feel you cannot meet the conditions applied to your permit.

Your development permit decision has an appeal expiry date. Your appeal must be registered with the SDAB before the expiry date. There is a fee to submit an appeal.


Development permit fees vary depending on your project. 


If you have any questions about development permits, please contact Planning and Development.