Water and Sewer Connection Permits

New in 2023, all new building construction must fill out a Water & Sewer Service Connection Permit application form. This application is not currently available using our online permitting system. Application forms will be received via email only at serviceconnections@sprucegrove.org. See link below for application form.


Applicable fees for this permit are included under the Building Permit application as per the City’s Development Fees and Fines bylaw.


The City of Spruce Grove will inspect all Service Connection Permits.

  1. To book an inspection, please email serviceconnections@sprucegrove.org.
  2. The inspection will be completed within three (3) business days from time of inspection request.
  3. Contractors will be required to expose any services, or parts of services, that are covered at the time of inspection.
  4. The contractor must be present for the inspection.
  5. Should an inspection be rejected, the contractor must request a re-inspection and applicable fees may apply.
  6. Completed inspection form will be available on Portal under the Building Permit.

Permit Application Form

The form can be found here. 

Installation Standards and Guidelines


Please refer to Section VI – Service Connections of the City’s Municipal Development Standards for detailed information on water, sanitary and storm service connection sizes, materials, etc.

City of Spruce Grove 2023 Municipal Development Standards

2023 Municipal Development Standards - Appendix D - Detailed Drawings

Additional Information:

Water Service Connections

  1. The water service must be laid out in full and connected from the CC to the water meter at the time of inspection.
  2. No unions or couplings can be used, the service connection must be one continuous section from CC to water meter (SE-04).
  3. Once a building has the water service connected it must have a water meter installed. Detail drawing WR-10 has the meter setting guidelines.

Sewer Service Connections

  1. Install service line at a uniform gradient of minimum 2%. Support service lines adequately to prevent dislocation, buckling or settlement (SE-03).
  2. The end of the pipe must be capped/plugged with a PVC fitting (SE-01 & SE-02). The service must be laid to its full length at time of inspection.
  3. Any horizontal bends or horizontal curves must in sewer service lines must follow current National Plumbing Code of Canada standards.


Please refer to Section III.G of the City’s Municipal Development Standards for detailed information on backfill requirements.

All trenching shall be in conformance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations or in accordance with the specific recommendations of a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Alberta.


For any questions, please contact us at serviceconnections@sprucegrove.org.