Electrical Permits

You need an electrical permit when you are installing or changing electrical wiring. All electrical installations must have an electrical permit and pass inspection.

The person signing the permit assumes responsibility for completing the wiring according to applicable safety regulations.


A homeowner or a contractor may apply for a residential electrical permit.

Incorrect wiring creates serious hazards. Persons who are not familiar with electrical installations often complete work that requires extensive corrections after inspection. If you have no knowledge or experience with electrical wiring, you should hire an electrical contractor who is eligible to receive permits.


A master electrician must apply for commercial electrical permits. Contractors applying for electrical permits must have a valid business licence in the City of Spruce Grove.

Service energization

An electrical inspection prior to energization is required. For customers wanting a service energized, they are required to obtain a separate services permit. Once the permit has been issued and the work has been completed, they may contact the City of Spruce Grove for an inspection.

A Safety Codes Officer will inspect the meter socket and main panel board for compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code.

  • In the case of residential services, either a green (acceptable) label or a red (failed) label will be put on the meter socket.
  • In the case of commercial services, either a green (acceptable) label or a red (failed) label will be put on the main service disconnect.

If the service has passed inspection, the customer may then contact the utility to arrange for energization.

Apply for an electrical permit

Apply online for an electrical permit using the CityView Portal

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Contact Planning and Development.