Garbage, Organics & Recycling

The City of Spruce Grove has a comprehensive waste collection program that includes residential waste collection, an Eco Centre and several seasonal events, including Large Item Pick Up, Free-cycle, Shred-4-Free, and E-roundup.

Residential waste collection

Residential waste is picked up through the City’s residential waste collection program on your waste collection day. To check your waste collection day and never miss collection day again, enter your address into our waste calendar and subscribe for reminders through text, email or phone call.

Residential waste collection includes three components:

  • Garbage – black waste carts are collected weekly.
  • Organics – green organics carts are collected weekly from mid-April to mid-November and monthly from December to March.
  • Recycling – Blue recycle bags are collected weekly.

Not sure what goes where? Use our online waste sorting tool to look up and learn how to dispose of specific items.

Note: residential waste collection occurs on all statutory holidays in 2022.

Residents living in condominiums or apartment buildings, as well as business owners, have private waste collection services.

Black waste carts and green organics carts are numbered and assigned to each property’s solid waste utility account. If you move, leave the carts for the next occupant. If your carts need to be repaired or replaced, or you move into a property with no carts, call 780-962-7584.

Residential waste collection requirements

The following guidelines are also in place to help ensure successful collection:

  •  Put your carts/blue bags out by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  •  Place your carts on the street against the curb or at the edge of your laneway.
  •  Point the arrows on top of carts towards the roadway or lane.
  •  Ensure there is at least one meter’s length of clearance on all sides of the carts.
  •  Ensure all cart lids are fully closed.
  •  Maximum weight is 200 lbs.
How to space your waste

Automated trucks are used for residential waste collection. Proper cart placement is required to ensure successful collection. Improper placement, or lids that are not fully closed, will result in your waste or organics carts not being collected.

Eco Centre

Various waste items, including household hazardous waste, can also be taken to the City’s Eco Centre.