Items are considered to be garbage if they can’t be recycled or disposed of in your green organics cart, or at the Eco Centre.

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Not sure if an item can go in your black waste cart? Search for it here and learn if it can go in your black waste cart or if it has to go in your green organics cart or blue recycle bag instead.

Garbage limits

Black waste carts are collected on a weekly basis. Each household is limited to the amount of garbage their black waste cart can hold (maximum 200 lbs) with the lid completely closed.

There are two sizes of black waste carts available to residents:

Small Waste Cart Regular Waste Cart
120 litres
$21.82 per month
240 litres
$25.07 per month

If you would like to exchange your regular cart for a small cart at no charge, please call 780-962-7584 or email us. Be sure to provide us with the name of the person registered on the utility account, the property address, a contact telephone number as well as the subdivision and day you receive garbage collection. You can expect delivery of your new cart by the start of the next month.

Extra garbage

If you have extra garbage, it will not be collected through residential waste collection. Instead, you can bring extra garbage to the Eco Centre for a fee. Large items such as furniture and old appliances can also be taken to the Eco Centre. A Large Item Pick Up event is held each year in the spring.

Report an issue

To report a broken or damaged cart, or missed collection, please use the City's online reporting tool, SeeClickFix. You can also call 780-962-7584.