Business Licence Renewal

Business licence bylaw is under review

Our business licence bylaw is undergoing review and here’s what you need to know! We are working with our neighbouring municipalities to incorporate clear and consistent regulations that will reduce barriers for businesses. This will allow us to be responsive and provide decisions for new and existing clients looking to our area as a great place to grow  their business. 

Regarding the popular Tri-Municipal licence, if you are a City of Spruce Grove active business licence holder, you can go into the Town of Stony Plain and Parkland County to do business at no additional fee. Alternatively, if you have an active business licence with the Town of Stony Plain or an approved development permit to run your business in Parkland County, you can apply for a City of Spruce Grove business licence at no fee. This will be in place until our business licence bylaw revisions are complete.

Time to renew? We want to hear from you! If you are providing goods and/or services to the residents of the City of Spruce Grove, you need to apply for and maintain a current business licence. It is also an opportunity to update your information.

In mid-November, resident and non-resident licence holders receive notification that renewal time is coming up.

Resident business licence holders renew online at no charge unless:

  • There is a change to the nature of the business
  • There is a change in ownership
  • There is a change to the business location

IMPORTANT: A resident business that has not renewed its business licence by Jan. 15 will be issued an expiration notice. They will be required to submit an application and pay a fee to obtain a new business licence. Businesses operating without a valid business licence will be issued penalties (per Section 16 of the Business Licence Bylaw).

Non-resident business licence holders must apply for a business licence each year if they wish to continue conducting business in the City of Spruce Grove (annual fee applies).

You can apply online for business licences and renewals.