Snow Removal

The City of Spruce Grove has a comprehensive snow removal program that removes snow from streets in the following order of priority  :

  1. Highway 16A
  2. Arterial roads (ex: Grove Drive, Century Road, Calahoo Road, Jennifer Heil Way)
  3. Emergency access ways - south end of King Street
  4. Snow routes and collector roads (McLeod Avenue and Diamond Avenue)
  5. City Centre area 
  6. Commercial/industrial (ex: Church Road, First Avenue, South Avenue)
  7. City-owned parking lots (Fire Hall, RCMP, Pioneer Centre, City Hall, Elks Hall, Public Works)
  8. City-owned parking lots (Agrena, Central Park, Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area, Jubilee Park, Henry Singer Park, Aspenglen Park, Rotary Park, Heatherglen Sport Fields, Brookwood Rink)
  9. Residential streets
  10. Alleys

Essentially, the roads that are the most travelled are the ones that are cleared first. At any time, snow removal in one area may be temporarily suspended so crews can revisit higher priority roads that have received additional snowfall.

Help clear the path

During scheduled snow removal operations, which includes snow routes, City Centre snow removal and residential street snow removal, residents must move their vehicles from the streets as required. Signage will be posted to provide advance notification when vehicles must be moved. Any vehicles that are not moved during scheduled snow removal operations may be towed.

Give crews room to work

During snow removal operations, please give City crews and equipment plenty of room to work. This includes removing vehicles and other obstructions as required to allow for safe and efficient snow removal. As well, when encountering snow removal equipment on City streets, slow down and follow at a safe distance until there is a safe and legal opportunity to pass.