Driveway Aids FAQs

What is a driveway aid?

A driveway aid, also known as a curb ramp, is a commercially produced rubber ramp that is designed to be placed on the roadway in order to assist with access to a driveway.

Can I use a driveway aid in Spruce Grove?

Driveway aids are permitted in Spruce Grove, but under the City’s Traffic Bylaw they must be removed from the roadway between November 1 and April 30 of each year.

Why do I have to remove them?

Driveway aids must be removed so they don’t get buried under snow or freeze to the road surface. If left in the roadway, curb ramps will be damaged or destroyed by a grader or be drawn into a snow blower during snow removal operations. A single curb ramp can easily cause a four-hour delay and cost the City $12,000 in lost production when a snow blower is out of service for repairs.

The seasonal removal of driveway aids will help ensure the City’s snow removal service is effective and efficient and prevent unnecessary service delays for residents and operational costs for the City.

What about homemade or non-rubber ramps?

A ramp made of any material other than rubber (e.g. wood, metal, concrete) or a ramp that is not commercially produced (e.g. rubber ramp that is homemade) does not constitute a driveway aid and is considered an obstruction. These are not permitted within Spruce Grove.