Residential Street Snow Removal

How it works

Residential street snow removal is handled separately from snow routes and typically takes place once snow accumulates to a minimum of 22 centimetres and other higher priority roads have been cleared to an acceptable condition. Each year the rotation for residential street snow removal changes, with the subdivision at the top of the list one year, moving to the bottom of the list the next year. If you live in a new subdivision, the developer is responsible for snow removal until such time that the City has taken ownership of the roads and utilities from the developer.

When residential street snow removal is active, orange signs indicating the day that snow removal operations will start will be posted at the entrance to subdivisions. These signs are posted a minimum of 72 hours before snow removal operations are scheduled to begin to provide residents with advance notice to remove their vehicles from residential streets. Vehicles that are not removed will be towed. On-street residential parking is not permitted from the date snow removal operations are scheduled to begin until snow removal is complete. When residential street snow removal is complete, the orange signs will be removed and on-street parking will again be permitted.

Residential street snow removal progress

When residential street snow removal is in progress, the information below will be updated daily Monday to Friday during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). You can also check out snow route removal or alley snow removal progress.

Residential street snow removal in Spruce Grove is divided into two zones: the east/red zone and the west/blue zone.

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