Towed Vehicles

To allow the City’s snow removal crews to do their job efficiently, parking is not permitted on the street during snow removal operations, which includes:

Vehicles parked on these streets during scheduled snow removal operations will be tagged, fined and towed at the owner’s expense. Removing parked vehicles not only allows for safe and effective snow removal, but also helps ensure all residents enjoy the same quality of road conditions throughout the city.

If you find your vehicle has been towed due to leaving it parked on the street during scheduled snow removal operations, please contact the towing companies listed below to locate your vehicle and make arrangements to retrieve it:

  • APL Towing & Recovery: 780-297-8697
  • Blacksmith Towing: 780-243-6039
  • Kingsway Towing: 780-962-8750
  • Tuber Towing & Recovery: 587-598-8237 
  • Affordable Towing Services: 780-962-0999