Pressure Reducing Valves

In early 2022, the City of Spruce Grove updated its Water Master Plan to address water pressure concerns that directly impact the City’s water infrastructure system. The plan recommended the immediate installation of several Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) in already developed areas and outlined future installations in developing areas, all with the goal of optimizing water pressure for our residents.

Water pressures in the northern parts of Spruce Grove have consistently been higher than the standard, posing potential risks to the water system. The elevations in the north part of the city are lower than other areas, which, when combined with gravity, leads to naturally increasing pressures. Excessive system pressures above 80psi can result in increased leakage in your home and can lead to your pipes deteriorating faster.

Managing our water pressure

In response to these concerns, in 2023 the City took proactive measures to address the issue by installing four PRVs in strategic locations, specifically:

  • Aspenglen Drive, south of Ashgrove Drive
  • Green space directly north of Fieldstone and south of Linkside Court
  • Fairway Drive, south of Fairway Point
  • Longview Drive, north of King's Link

The result of this work is a regulated water pressure range between 50psi and 80psi, ensuring a more stable and efficient water supply system.

All PRVs have been re-adjusted to a set point where the optimum water pressure has been achieved. This results in a reliable water distribution system without the risks of any leaks or breaks due to water pressure exceeding what is recommended.

Our goal is to provide residents with a reliable, efficient, and functional water supply system. These improvements are significant steps towards achieving that goal.


If you have questions about your water pressure, please email our Engineering Department.