Corporate Plan Council Information Requests

Information Requests are made by members of Spruce Grove's City Council during Governance and Priorities Committee - Corporate Planning meetings to gather information from City Administration.

Below are the information requests that were made during the corporate planning meetings.

2024 - 2026 Corporate Plan

November 6 - 8, 2023

= Includes administrative response

  Request Requested by Number
Traffic Signals - Pre-emptive Service Mayor Acker IR‐001‐23
List of City Facilities Mayor Acker IR-002-23 
Turf Repairs on Arterial Roadways Councillor Houston IR-003-23
Transit On-Demand Local Service Ridership  Councillor Oldham IR-004-23
Transit Cost of On-Demand Local Service Expansion  Councillor Stevenson  IR-005-23
Transit On-Demand Regular Service Mayor Acker IR-006-23
Transit On-Demand Data Collection Mayor Acker IR-007-23
Eco Centre Hours of Operation Councillor Oldham IR-008-23
Annexation of Lands West of Spruce Grove Mayor Acker IR-009-23
Youth Advisory Committee - Planning a Youth Led Activity  Councillor Stevenson IR-010-23
Multi Family Residential Tax Rate Mayor Acker IR-012-23
Options to Reduce the Proposed Utility Rate Increase Councillor MacDonald IR-013-23
Greystone Park - Basketball Line Painting Councillor Oldham IR-014-23
Chamber Funding for Visitor Information Services Councillor Stevenson IR-015-23
Solar Panels on City Buildings Councillor MacDonald IR-016-23
City Hall Renovations Councillor Stevenson IR-017-23
Quantity of Pressure Washers at Public Works Mayor Acker IR-018-23
Parks and Open Spaces - Woodside Tot Play Area 2026 Councillor Stevenson IR-019-23
King Street and Fifth Avenue Crosswalk Councillor Stevenson IR-020-23
City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CCARP) - Lane Rehab Timeline Councillor Gillett IR-021-23
Contractor Costs - Amphibious Machine Councillor Gillett IR-022-23
Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) by Department Mayor Acker IR-023-23