School Rentals

School Location Facility Type
Brookwood School 460 King Street Gymnasium
Broxton Park School 505 McLeod Ave. Large gym
Library Common Area
Small gym
Copperhaven School 151 Grove Drive West Large gym
Small gym
Greystone Centennial Middle School 130 Greystone Drive Gymnasium
Millgrove School 851 Calahoo Road Gymnasium
Spruce Grove Composite High School 1000 Calahoo Road Large gym
Small gym
Prescott Learning Centre 340 Pioneer Road Large gym
Small gym
St. Joseph Catholic School 195 Weston Drive Gymnasium
St. Marguerite Catholic School 395 Grove Drive Gymnasium
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School 381 Grove Drive Gymnasium
Woodhaven Middle School 475 King Street Gymnasium
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School 10 Harvest Ridge Drive Gymnasium

School rental information

Terms and conditions for use of School Facilities (Joint Use Agreement) during the COVID-19 Health Emergency) as of March 2022

Community User Groups accessing school facility must be in compliance with the Parkland School and Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division's COVID-19 Policies/Procedures/Protocols:
1) Spectators are now permitted in school gymnasiums during joint use rental times.
2) Community Organizations accessing the school facilities must ensure that group participants are practicing good hygiene habits such as, screening for COVID-19. symptoms before entering the facility, staying home when feeling sick, washing or sanitizing your hands often and covering your cough or sneeze.
3) Community Organizations accessing school facilities must be in compliance with capacity limits set by the school divisions at all times.

Find the full list of terms and conditions here

Failure to follow the above listed terms and conditions will result in a one month ban of use to the Community group.

For more information on the terms and conditions please contact Spruce Grove Recreation and Cultural Services at 

The City of Spruce Grove Recreation Services Department acts as the central booking agent for Parkland School Division and Evergreen Catholic School Division facilities located within the City of Spruce Grove. Community Use of schools is made possible through the Joint Use Agreement between Parkland School Division No. 70, Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 2 and the City of Spruce Grove.

Gymnasium use is governed by the two local school divisions. It is managed by the Booking Administrator from the Recreation Services Department for the City of Spruce Grove. The Booking Administrator will be the point of contact for all non-profit community groups.

We offer seasonal school facility rentals (Gymnasiums, classrooms, and multi-purpose rooms). Rentals are for one-time and ongoing sport, leisure and recreation related bookings spanning September to June. Community groups must apply annually for school space. Requests are accepted at any time throughout the year, it is recommended that requests be sent in May and/or June, as allocation takes place in July for the upcoming school year.

Rental fees

Local, non-profit community groups have access to weeknight use at no charge and casual weekend rentals. A fee is applied to all weekend rentals.

As per 2022/23 fees and charges 

How to book a school facility

Fill out the online Community Use of Schools Request form.

Contact the City of Spruce Grove for school facility rentals. Email Facility Booking or call 780-962-7579.


A minimum requirement of five business days notice for cancellations is required for all school bookings.