Land Use Redistricting (Zoning)

Redistricting Applications (Also known as Rezoning)

Your redistricting application has to be consistent with the statutory plans that the City has in place to guide development.

These statutory plans include:

The Land Use Bylaw is the tool used to implement the other plans.

Your application must meet the mandatory requirements and include the required information outlined below:

Mandatory requirements

Your redistricting applications must include:

  • The legal land description,
  • The municipal address of the redistricting (if available).
  • The area and perimeter measurements of the redistricting.
  • Applicable fees.
  • A paper copy and electronic copy of:
    • A key plan showing the general area of the redistricting in relation to the larger area.
    • A redistricting plan that shows the specific land to be redistricted with perimeter and area measurements, current and proposed land use district(s), legal land description and municipal address.

Please note:

  • Many redistricting applications are submitted at the same time as subdivision applications. The information required is different for both applications and the redistricting application has to be dealt with prior to subdivision being approved by the City.

Required information

We accept redistricting applications in letter format and evaluate your redistricting application based on the following information:

  • Does your proposed redistricting application for an area governed by an Area Structure Plan (ASP)?
    • How the proposed redistricting conform to the ASP?
    • How the proposed redistricting not conform to the ASP?
  • Does your proposed redistricting application for an area governed by an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)?
    • How the proposed redistricting conform to the ARP?
    • How the proposed redistricting not conform to the ARP?
    • Please provide a specific development proposal.
  • Your application should address servicing infrastructure and connections:
    • Stormwater drainage and storage management
    • Pedestrian and vehicular traffic impacts of the redistricting (both on and off the site) 
    • Servicing capacity for the area
    • Firefighting water requirements and an evaluation of the need to oversize lines.
  • Your application should address environmental impacts that could be related to the redistricting: 
    • Illustrate how the proposed land use(s) will fit with the overall land use in the area.
    • Indicate where park land, school sites and/or stormwater management facilities are included in the redistricting.
    • Address such uses in terms of municipal reserve owing and in terms of how these uses fit in with the City's Parks and Open Space Master Plan.
    • Present proposed signage to market the land and advise of future development.
    • Include how landscaping will be addressed. 

If your application is related to a specific development proposal, it should also include:

  • A graphic illustration of the proposed development and how it compares with neighbouring developments;
  • Any access and parking requirements.
  • Any notable requirements or features of the proposed development.

Redistricting (Rezoning) Frequently Asked Questions

A redistricting application is an application to change the land use district designation for a piece of land.

It requires approval by City Council through bylaw.

The approved bylaw amends the Land Use Bylaw for future reference.

Please visit our Land Use Bylaw page for more information.

The City of Spruce Grove Land Use Bylaw regulates development in the City, it The Land Use Bylaw has a number of land use districts and assigns these districts to pieces of land.

These land use districts help regulate development by making sure proposed developments are aligned with Council's vision for the economical and efficient development (and/or redevelopment) of the City.

Council’s vision for the City is found in the adopted statutory (legal) plans for the City.

If all required information is submitted and a thorough review of the information has been conducted, Council will consider the redistricting Bylaw for first reading of three readings.

At this time the public process begins and includes a public hearing with Council.

When the public process is complete, Council will consider the Bylaw for second and third reading (adoption).

The entire process can take anywhere from six weeks to several months depending on the information required and the level of public participation required.

The amount of public participation will be decided by Council.

Depending on the application and the information provided, council may be satisfied that a standard public participation process is sufficient or may require a more intense public process to be carried out.

Our Area Structure and Redevelopment Plans page provides a list of the plans and the area of the City they cover.

Additionally, you can search or navigate to your proposed area of application through our mapping webpage.

Various parcel information is available through our GIS system such as current zoning, addressing, and lot sizes.