Telecommunication Facilities – cell towers, antennas, and 5G

Telecommunications is an important service for all Canadians.

Structures like cell towers and antennas provide people and businesses with reliable internet and cell phone service.  

Technology is improving and the next generation of internet access, known as 5G, uses a higher radio frequency to send data through the air, improve reliability, and increase speed and coverage.

As demand for telecommunications increases, service providers and government are working together to ensure the best outcomes for the community.

Managing telecommunications

The Government of Canada is the ultimate authority on telecommunications under the Radiocommunication Act, including setting quality and safety standards.

The City of Spruce Grove does not approve the construction of telecommunications facilities.

Industry Canada (IC) and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulate and operate telecommunications in consultation with municipal governments.

IC authorizes the placement of structures like cell towers and the CRTC regulates the services providers.

The service providers must consult with municipalities and residents on any new facility developments.

Telecommunications and safety

The health and safety of the community is important to the City of Spruce Grove. Municipal governments do not have a role in assessing the safety of 5G technology.

All service providers who use 5G technology in Spruce Grove must follow the quality and safety standards set by the Government of Canada.