Parking Monitoring Project

In early November 2022, the City of Spruce Grove will expand on a parking monitoring technology project that was piloted in August 2021.

The pilot project installed 20 parking monitoring devices along First Avenue parking spaces between Calahoo Road and Queen Street.

The expansion will see an additional 100 parking monitoring devices placed in the north and south parking lanes of First Avenue between Calahoo Road and King Street (the majority will be in the southbound lane).

The parking monitoring technology uses sensors to record the presence/duration of a vehicle in parking space. No personal information is captured about the vehicle (e.g., make, model, licence plate number) and no photos or video are recorded; the devices are strictly for data purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Installing additional parking monitoring devices along First Avenue will provide the City with the ability to capture parking usage for the entire section instead of a subsection of stalls. This allows the City to plan for future assets and potentially provide the public access to parking information in real time (for example: parking availability reflected on the City website or digital signage in the downtown area showing available stalls).

The sensors only record the presence of a vehicle in a parking space, along with how long the vehicle is in that space. It does not capture or record any personal information.

The sensors are installed underground in the centre of each parking space.

The data that is collected will be for information only, and to determine if it would be useful for future City projects. It will not be used for any type of enforcement or compliance at this time.

The monitoring will begin once installation is complete, providing 24x7 real time data.

Yes. The City of Calgary and the City of Stratford, Ontario use parking monitoring devices.


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