Development Agreements

A development agreement is a legally binding contract between a Municipality and a landowner/developer. It specifies the terms and conditions for the construction of any municipal improvements that may be necessary to service an approved subdivision, including the responsibility to construct public facilities and associated financial obligations.

Development agreements are registered on the land title of the lands that are being subdivided (or developed) and will transfer with the title to any subsequent owner. The agreement applies to the property until such time that all conditions have been met and the Municipality discharges the agreement.

Development agreement documents

2024 Development Agreement
2024 Memo regarding DA updates

Tiering and securities

The City’s Engineering department uses a tiering system to rank the developers into tiers that determine the security amount required before construction begins. This ranking is outlined in the development agreement under the Indemnity and Security section.

As forms of security, the City will accept certified cheques/bank drafts, an irrevocable Letter of Credit or an irrevocable Development Bond. The City follows a Development Security Policy for the collection, reduction, and release of securities.

Documents and forms

AP-1054-21 – Development Security Policy
Form of Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Form of Irrevocable Surety Bond

Developer contributions and offsite levies

When development causes the requirement for new infrastructure, or the expansion of existing infrastructure, those costs are collected from a developer as a condition of development or subdivision, through the Developer Contribution Policy and Offsite Levies.

Applying for a development agreement

To apply for a development agreement, please review the Municipal Development Standards and fill out the request form which is in Appendix A of the standards.


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