Building permits, development permits and inspections

Did you know that there are different kinds of permits that you may need before you begin your project? You can learn more about the types of permits, and the requirements and regulations for each permit below.

Types of permits

Applying for permits

You can apply online for development permits, construction and trades permits, lot grading, business licences, inspections and other related applications.

Safety Codes Accreditation and Quality Management Plan

The City of Spruce Grove is accredited by the Safety Codes Council to ensure consistent processes are followed to confirm safe buildings.

An accredited municipality must have a Quality Management Plan (QMP) to ensure safety code standards are maintained. The QMP is an agreement between the Safety Codes Council (SCC) and the City of Spruce Grove that outlines minimum safety and inspection standards during the building process. The QMP provides more certainty during building construction to help improve building safety.

QMP updates 2024

The QMP is updated every three years.  Starting May 1, 2024, updates include:

  • All contractors – plumbing, gas and electrical – must request inspections at both rough-in and final stages of new construction. The additional inspection allows the City to monitor the quality and compliance of construction work and provides homeowners with an extra layer of protection ensuring homes are built correctly.
  • Building permit applications with a value of $50,000 or less will require a single building inspection. Any building projects valued above $50,000 will now need a minimum of two inspections to ensure quality and compliance standards are maintained throughout construction.  This does not apply to trade permit inspections.

Key items the QMP addresses are:

  • Permit requirements and terms and conditions
  • Site inspections timelines and reports
  • Inspection requirements for builders/developers
  • Reporting and enforcement of non-compliance and unsafe construction site or building conditions
  • Alternative Solution proposals

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