Building Permits

Building permits deal with structural stability of buildings and the health and safety of the building's occupants. Development permits deal primarily with a development's impact on surrounding properties.

Most developments require both a development permit and a building permit. A building permit application will not be processed until such time as the development permit has been issued, however both may be applied for at the same time.

A building permit is required for the following:

The Alberta Building Code regulates techniques and materials used in building construction, the occupancy and the use of buildings and equipment to safeguard the health and safety of building occupants.


Residential Building Permit Application  
- Must include three (3) copies of a site plan and three (3) construction drawings

Multi-Residential / Non-Residential Building Permit Application  
- Must include four (4) copies of the site plan and construction drawings


Building permit fees vary and are payable at the time of application. Please refer to Development Fees and Fines.

Alberta Safety Codes Council levy is also collected with each building permit and safety code permit. Please refer to the Safety Codes Council Permit Fee Schedule for levy.

Submit permit applications

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