Heritage Grove Park

Heritage Grove Park signLocated in the heart of our community, this protected natural wonder provides over 40 km of all-weather trails and connects many of Spruce Grove’s neighbourhoods. The winter months are a great time to enjoy the forest and the birds and animals that call Heritage Grove Park home. Along the trails are a series of outdoor classrooms where you can learn about the history and evolution of the forest.

Protection System

Locator post in Heritage Grove ParkThroughout the park, you will find emergency locator posts. In case of an emergency, dial 911 and tell the operator the number of the nearest post. This helps emergency crews find your exact location, resulting in a quicker response.

Use Online Services to report concerns about maintenance, repairs and or vandalism. Dial 911 for emergency: Fire / Ambulance / Police.

Dogs must be on a leash

Pathways, parks and open spaces within the City of Spruce Grove are considered ‘on-leash’ areas. This means that all dogs must be under the control of a responsible person and on a leash up to three meters long. All handlers are required to clean up after their dogs.

Dogs are permitted to be off-leash only in designated areas within the City of Spruce Grove.

Who to call

If you have any animal-related concerns or would like more information, call Animal Control at 780-968-8458.

For information on other parks and outdoor development questions, call the City of Spruce Grove at 780-962-2611 or send email.

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