Off-Leash Guidelines

Pick up after your pet

It's not only the courteous thing to do, but it's also the law. The City's Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw says that if your dog poops in a public space, you need to scoop it up and throw it away. If you don't, you could be the recipient of a $100 fine for the first offence and $150 for any subsequent offences.

Be in control of your dog

As a pet owner, you need to make sure your dog will listen to and obey basic commands. This helps ensure the safety of both you and your pet, as well as other people and dogs using the park.

Keep sick pets at home

If your dog is under the weather with something like fleas, lice or kennel cough, they shouldn't be interacting with other dogs until they are feeling better. The same goes for unvaccinated dogs; keep them at home until they get those shots!

Bring any necessary supplies

This can include poop bags, a leash and drinking water for your dog. But leave the treats at home - they can attract other dogs and create unwanted behaviour, such as ganging up on your dog or following you around the park.

Keep your dog on a leash until you are inside the designated park area

There can be a lot of vehicle traffic at dog parks and you can't rely on other drivers to watch out for your dog, so keep them safe by using a leash.

Use caution when bringing toys

You may want to bring a ball or other throw-toy for your pup, but proceed with care. Some dogs are fine with sharing, but toys can also cause guarding or territorial issues that create an unfriendly environment within the park.

Keep children nearby

Kids are welcome at the off-leash parks, but it's important to keep an eye on them and make sure they are behaving appropriately. Children who run or yell can frighten or intimidate dogs, or they may be seen as prey and be chased by the dogs. Children should also never approach unfamiliar dogs.

Watch for running dogs - especially if you have small children with you

It doesn't take much for an accidental bump or collision to cause unintentional harm.

Pay attention

You must watch your dog at all times and give the situation your full attention to ensure your dog is not being bullied or pestering other people and pets.