Boards and Committees

What is a board or committee responsible for?

A Board or Committee is established by Council under the Municipal Government Act or other provincial legislation and municipal bylaws. Depending on the mandate of the Board or Committee, some may act in an advisory capacity to Council by making recommendations on policy issues which have been delegated by Council to the Board or Committee, some may act in a governing capacity where they make decisions on behalf of the Board or Committee, and some act in a quasi-judicial capacity where they render a decision based on the evidence presented at a hearing.

Board or Committee membership is comprised of either Council representatives and members of the public or exclusively of members of the public.

Want to learn more?

If you're interested in learning more, you can find detailed information on each of the individual boards and committees listed below.

Assessment Review Boards
Community Standards Appeal Committee
Council Remuneration Review Advisory Committee
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Spruce Grove Library Board
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre Board
Youth Advisory Committee


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