Summer Activities in Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove has plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the summer months with your family.

Spray park

Jubilee Spray Park

Splash pads 

  • Central Park splash pad, located near the Lions Log Cabin in Central Park, is open for the season.
  • Penn-West Energy splash pad, located at the front Entrance of Fuhr Sports Park, is open for the season.

Parks and trails

Spruce Grove has many parks and trails ready to be explored including Central Park, Heritage Grove Park, Jubilee Park and the Spruce Grove Skate Park.

Parks and playgrounds

Spruce Grove has almost 50 parks and playgrounds around the city.

Rotary Playscape

The Rotary Playscape is open 365 days a year. This incredible playground was designed by kids, for kids and provides opportunities for all ages to get out and play. Located at Fuhr Sports Park.

Summer in the City programs

When school’s out there’s no reason for the kids to be bored in Spruce Grove. Summer in the City offers a variety of programs and week-long adventure and recreation camps to keep them occupied.

TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre is a sporting facility for residents of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County. It is a place where people of all ages can come and participate in sporting and recreational activities.

Brookwood Rink

This outdoor asphalt rink is great for rollerblading or playing street hockey, although you will need to bring your own nets. Checked daily Monday - Friday during the summer. 

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is similar to traditional golf but uses a flying disc instead of a ball and club. The nine-hole disc golf course is located at Jubilee Park. 


Played on 12 outdoor courts located on South Avenue at the Henry Singer Park in Spruce Grove; Pickleball is the hottest sport in North America. Come see what all the laughing is about.


The City of Spruce Grove has five tennis courts. The tennis courts are free for the community to use and are not scheduled.


Do you like to treasure hunt? Geocaching is an interactive treasure hunt using a GPS device. Make friends and track your treasures!!

To find geocaching opportunities, visit the official Geocaching website.