Outstanding Accounts

If an account is outstanding 21 days after the utility bill is mailed, the City will send a reminder letter. The property owner will receive a copy of the letter if the account remains unpaid five business days after the reminder letter was mailed.

The City will only notify the property owner if the tenant has signed the Consent to Release Utility Account Information form.

The reminder letter contains information on the account balance and is the only mailed notice before a disconnection is scheduled for a service address. A notice will also be left at the service address three days before the scheduled disconnection. 

Disconnection for non-payment

When an account is disconnected for non-payment, all outstanding charges, including the $75 disconnection fee, must be paid before service is restored.

Each time a tenant’s account is disconnected for non-payment their deposit increases by $100 to a maximum of $400.

Services for properties where the tenant has been disconnected for non-payment three times will only be connected in the name of the property owner. Only disconnections after January 1, 2010 are considered.

Property owners will be notified by mail when their tenant’s eligibility for an account is in jeopardy.

Requests for information

When a signed consent form is on file with the City of Spruce Grove, property owners may submit a Request for Utility Account Information form about the tenant’s account balance, account activity for the past 90 days, prior disconnections, whether a request to close the account has been received and whether a final utilities bill has been issued.

Tenants can also submit a written request to find out if their property owner has requested information about them.

Only information directly related to the utilities account will be shared with the property owner. We cannot release a tenant’s forwarding address or any other personal information that is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.