Transit FAQ


Spruce Grove Transit is operated by the City of Spruce Grove under contract with Edmonton Transit Service (commuter transit) and Pacific Western Transit (local transit). RideCo provides the booking software for the on-demand local service. ​

Funding for transit service is limited and the high cost of transit makes expansion a challenge; however, the City is continually looking at ways to improve the service and weekend service may be considered in the future, subject to council approval.

You can book your return trip home at the same time that you book your pick up time.

No, customers must pay a separate fare for transfers between commuters and local services.

Commuter service

While the primary purpose of the commuter service is to provide service between Spruce Grove and Edmonton/Acheson, it is possible to ride a commuter bus from point to point within Spruce Grove and just pay the local fare. No transfers are issued and you are not able to get back on the commuter bus to travel into Edmonton (a new commuter fare would be required).

On-demand local service

On-demand transit means customers book their trips in advance either through the app, online or by calling. There is no set schedule or fixed route. The buses run according to customer requirements and trips are determined based on the most efficient paths.

No. On-demand service operates stop-to-stop, meaning that the bus will stop at a virtual stop or an existing transit stop.

A virtual stop is a pre-determined location customers can select as a pick up or drop off location at the time of booking. Virtual stops are not sign posted - the app, website or call centre will tell you where they are, or you can check the map. The bus must pick up and drop off customers at either a virtual stop or existing transit stop. Virtual stop locations have been specifically chosen to ensure safe access for buses and customers.

The service map shows which bus stops are accessible

When you book a ride, you select your current location and drop off destination. The app, website, or call centre then tells you your pick up location.

Call 780-962-8747 to book your trip. The customer service agent will create your account and book your trip for you.

The pick-up window is 10-minutes. Customers should be at their pick-up stops prior to the pick-up window because the bus cannot wait.

In order to provide timely service to all customers, it is not possible for the bus to wait for passengers to arrive. All buses must maintain the schedule for picking up and dropping off passengers.

If you can’t make it to your booking, cancel your trip as soon as possible. Repeat late cancelations or no shows may result in account suspension. Changes to bookings cannot be made.

Yes, depending on available capacity. Seats can fold up to allow access for strollers and there is additional room in the front of the bus.

Yes. The bus has a retractable ramp that allows wheelchairs to roll easily into the bus.

No, customers must pay a separate fare for transfers between commuter and local services. 

The on-demand local bus can take you between any two stops in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland Village and Acheson during regular operating hours.

See commuter transit service to Edmonton.


If you still have questions and would like to contact a representative, please reach out via phone or email.

780-962-7634 ext. 193