Transit Detours

See below for the latest updates on Spruce Grove Transit detours and bus stop closures. New updates will be added as they are scheduled throughout the year.

Detours and bus stop closures

Start date: Monday, Aug. 31, 2020
Anticipated end date: Mid-September 2020

Route 560 is being detoured in downtown Edmonton due to construction on 107 Street. When travelling northbound on 107 Street, Route 560 detours west on 103 Avenue and then north on 109 Street. This detour is expected to remain in place until approximately mid-September.

Route 560 will not stop at the following two bus stops while the detour is in place:

  • Bus stop #1713 at 107 Street/103 Avenue northbound
  • Bus stop #1989 at 108 Street/104 Avenue westbound (MacEwan University)

A temporary alternative bus stop is #1702 at 109 Street/104 Avenue northbound. If you use the alternative bus stop #1702, be sure to wave to catch the attention of the Route 560 driver when the bus is approaching.

Another alternative bus stop is #1898 at 107 Street/102 Avenue northbound.