Angle Parking

Did you know that angle parking is not legal?

Angle parking actually goes against the provincial Traffic Safety Act. Parking on the streets and roadways must be in accordance with the “Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation.”  These regulations state that a vehicle must be parallel parked with both right wheels (passenger side) aligned with the curb or edge of the roadway.

Angle parking is only permitted when the roadway is signed and designed for such parking (e.g. portions of McLeod Ave between King St and Queen St).

Even if you park in a cul-de-sac or key hole, angle parking is still not permitted

When vehicles are angle parked in areas outside of designated angle parking locations, such as in a cul-de-sac, it creates a safety hazard by restricting emergency vehicles, school buses, garbage or other sanitation pick-up services, and it disrupts traffic.

Other consequences of angle parking  

Vehicles that are angle parked reduce sight lines and useable road width. When an angle parked vehicle leaves their parked position, there is a greater potential for rear end and side impact collisions. The restricted visibility also reduces a motorist’s reaction time to avoid collisions when pedestrians, many of them children, attempt to cross the roadway between parked vehicles. Vehicles parked in the roadway are obstacles that serve to narrow the usable roadway width and restrict the flow of traffic.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with this regulation.

To keep Spruce Grove safe and in accordance with provincial law, Community Peace Officers will be enforcing parking regulations by ticketing and/or towing vehicles.


For any further questions or clarification, please contact:

Enforcement Services