How to Dispute a Municipal Bylaw Ticket

Municipal Bylaw Offences, or Municipal tickets may not be disputed online.

Disputing a Municipal Bylaw Ticket through the mail

Should you wish to dispute a ticket and plead not guilty, you may do so by signing and dating the ticket and mailing it by registered mail to:

Provincial Court of Alberta
4711 -44 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta T7Z 1N5

Make a copy of your ticket for your records and keep your post office receipt as proof of mailing.

  • You will be notified of the trial date by ordinary mail which will be sent to the address, which was recorded on the ticket, unless you indicate otherwise.
  • If you do not receive notice of the trial date by ordinary mail, you must contact the Court office to obtain the trial date.
    • Contact information for Court offices may be found at: or by calling toll free at 310-0000 and ask for the court office you wish to reach.
  • If the Court does not receive your not guilty plea on or before the appearance date listed on your ticket, or you fail to appear:
    • You may be convicted in absence without a hearing if you received a ticket with a voluntary payment option. In such case you will be responsible for the fine payment plus any late payment charges that may become applicable.
    • A warrant may be issued for your arrest if you were served a summons.  

Disputing a Municipal Bylaw Ticket before a Justice

Should you wish to dispute your ticket before a Justice, you are required to appear at the Provincial Court on the appearance date listed on your ticket.

Stony Plain Provincial Court is located at 4711 – 44 Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta

  • You will be asked to plead guilty, or not guilty at such time.
  • You may also plead guilty at such time and request time to pay the fine.
  • If you plead not guilty a trial date will be set for a later date at which time you may make submissions.