Wildlife Control

The City of Spruce Grove is located in the Low Boreal Mixed Wood Ecological Area, which is the natural habitat for many species of birds and animals, including skunks. Most wild animals will avoid direct contact with humans and the urban environment, however occasionally wild animals will be present in the City through the attraction of our parks and trail systems or the incursion of man into their natural habitat.

The presence of wildlife in and around our community can enhance our quality of life. The City of Spruce Grove believes in good environmental stewardship and the preservation of wildlife, however situations may arise which require the intervention of wildlife authorities for the protection of citizens and the wildlife itself.

The City of Spruce Grove cannot accept any liability for citizens who approach or attempt to handle wildlife. Citizens using our parks and green spaces are cautioned to exercise diligence and common sense in all dealings with wild animals.

When wild animals, including skunks are encountered, citizens should avoid any contact. If he or she believes the animal poses a threat to humans, pets, or other domestic animals they should contact the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Regional Office in Spruce Grove at 780-960-8190.

The City of Spruce Grove cannot assume any responsibility for the control or removal of wildlife.