Presenting to Council

There are two ways in which you can make a presentation to Council at a regular council meeting; Delegations and Public Question and Answer Period. Read more about each option below, or read the frequently asked questions.

Public delegations

Individuals or groups may request an appointment to be heard by Council. This is called "coming forward as a public delegation."

  • Public delegates must submit a request in writing to the City Manager to schedule an appointment with Council.
  • The request should include all the details you feel will be helpful in presenting your information to Council.
  • Include the date, your first and last name, (if representing an organization include the organizations name), and all your contact information.
  • The City Manager will review the request in consultation with any affected Departments. Depending on the nature of the item you would like to bring forward, City Administration may be able to handle your request and it may not need to proceed to Council.
  • If your request is granted, a representative from the City Clerk’s Office will contact you to set up your appointment at a future council meeting and provide you with more information at that time.

Your letter can be dropped off, emailed or mailed to:

City of Spruce Grove
Attention: City Clerk's Office
315 Jespersen Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3E8

Public question and answer period

Public Question and Answer period is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of Council.

These questions may be answered by Council or referred to Administration for further investigation. In all cases you will receive a reply.

If you have a question for Council, you will be asked to step forward to the speaker’s podium in Council Chambers. A form is provided for you to enter your name and contact information and then you may state your name for the benefit of Council prior to asking your question. The following rules of protocol have been established to ensure everyone is given an opportunity to be heard:

  • All questions must be directed to the chair.
  • Questions should be concise and specific.
  • The question and answer period does not involve opinions or formal presentations. Those should be referred to the delegation section of a future Council Meeting. Administration will assist members of the public who wish to make a formal presentation.

Please note that matters that are before the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or the Assessment Review Board, or any matters being addressed during a statutory public hearing may not be discussed during the Public Question and Answer Period.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the event calendar for upcoming council meeting dates.

Yes. You are welcome to attend all Regular Council Meetings. You may choose to stay for the entire regular Council Meeting or just for the items that interest you. If you have a cellular telephone, we ask that the telephone be turned off while the Council Meeting is in session.

Unless the Mayor otherwise directs, the business at all Regular Meetings proceeds in the following order:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Agenda
  3. Consent Agenda
  4. Minutes
  5. Public Hearings
  6. Public Question and Answer Period
  7. Council Presentations
  8. Delegations
  9. Administrative Updates
  10. Bylaws
  11. Business Items
  12. Councillor Reports
  13. Information Items
  14. Notices of Motion
  15. Closed Session
  16. Business Arising from Closed Session
  17. Adjournment

Items brought to Council meetings vary widely. Issues may include petitions, delegations or a variety of other concerns.

Public delegations are given up to 10 minutes to make their presentation to Council, after which Council members may make comments regarding the information presented or ask questions for clarification.

Members of the public are given up to 5 minutes to ask their question of Council, after which Council members may make comments regarding the question asked, may answer the question or may ask questions for clarification.

The Mayor will invite you to come forward to the presentation desk microphone for Delegations or the podium microphone for Public Question and Answer Period at the appropriate time.

Begin by stating your name and, if applicable, the name of the organization you are representing. If several members of a group are present, one person should be appointed to act as a spokesperson for the entire group. When addressing Council remember to keep your comments brief and confined to the topic.

The Mayor, or their designate, is the Chair of the meeting and should be addressed as "Your Worship" or "Mr. Mayor" in the case of the Mayor or Chair (last name) in the case of the designate.

If, while addressing Council, you wish to ask a question of someone in the Council Chambers, such as an individual member of Council or City Administration, please direct your question to the Chair. The Chair will then direct the individual concerned to respond to the question if felt it is appropriate to do so.

Council may wish to ask you questions. Please remain standing at the podium or seated at the presenters table until excused by the Chair.

The agendas are posted on the City’s website on the Friday prior to the Council Meeting.


For more information, contact the City Clerk’s Office at:

Phone: 780-962-7634 Ext. 425
Send email