Housing Supports

Spruce Grove Community Social Development (CSD) provides support and access to a variety of services for those in our community (Spruce Grove and Parkland County) who are facing housing challenges. For assistance or to learn more, please call 780-962-7618 or email CSD.

Tri-Region Housing Guide

The Regional Housing Guide provides information on apartment buildings, townhouses, manufactured home communities, and senior residences within the Tri region. For more information about vacancy rates or rental costs, please contact the apartment or townhouse manager/owner at the phone numbers provided. The material enclosed in the Regional Housing Guide is for informational purposes only and is updated regularly.

Unhoused supports

  • Community Outreach: In-person support for individuals who are unsheltered, at risk of being unsheltered, or experiencing multiple barriers to well-being.
  • Winter Emergency Response: Helping unsheltered people escape the cold winter weather. The response is activated when the temperatures, including wind chill, drop to, or below, a pre-determined threshold for a sustained period.
  • Homeward Trust Edmonton: Resources for vulnerable populations
  • Emergency Shelters: Programs that provide a temporary or transitional place to stay for people who are in crisis or homeless individuals and families.

Housing options

  • Regional Housing Program provides support to eligible residents from across the Tri-Region to address instances of housing instability.
  • Meridian Housing Foundation provides and manages independent, supportive, and affordable housing for seniors within the Tri-Region.

Men’s shelters

  • Hope Mission provides basic and emergency care including meals, housing, counseling, and referral services for men, women, and youth.
  • Herb Jamison Centre, operated by Hope Mission, offers short-term and emergency room and board to men with little or no resources.
  • Salvation Army Addictions & Residential Centre offers an addiction recovery program and shelter to men, aged 18 or older.

Women’s shelters

  • Alberta’s Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) – to speak to someone at a shelter near you, call the 24/7 toll free line at 1-866-331-3933
  • Lurana Shelter offers access to emergency shelter and support for women with or without children fleeing domestic violence and abuse through a 24-hour crisis line at 780-424-5875

Other resources