Community Social Development

Community Social Development (CSD) is structured to help build a strong community that meets the diverse needs of residents today and in the future. CSD is a department within the Community and Protective Services division of the City of Spruce Grove. 

Our goals

Community Social Development identifies and achieves its goals through research, community engagement, strategic planning, community capacity building, and implementation of projects and initiatives addressing complex systemic social issues such as homelessness, poverty, diversity and inclusion.

Community Social Development meets its goals through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) programs and Social Planning.

Strong and resilient communities are developed through caring connections where individuals and families support one another. As communities grow and change, more complex needs emerge, as does the need for more innovative solutions.

Social sustainability is about ensuring we can collectively meet the needs of residents today and in the future. In order to meet that goal, CSD focuses on two functional areas:

  • supporting individuals and families
  • supporting community

Addressing changing social needs

Community Social Development will work to help address changing social needs in Spruce Grove that are broad, complex and the result of a rapidly growing city, including:

  • Homelessness and poverty
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community engagement
  • Housing

In addition, CSD supports collaboration between the City and community groups/stakeholders who have the expertise and a unique understanding of social issues that are identified or may arise in Spruce Grove. 

Community Social Development operates in accordance with relevant statutes, codes and regulations, and adheres to program standards and best practices. It maintains professional certifications for credentialed staff. CSD receives a portion of its mandate from the Provincial FCSS Act and Regulation as well as other funding agreements. 

Contact us

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Phone: 780-962-7583
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