Awards of Excellence

In 2003 the City of Spruce Grove established the Spruce Grove Awards of Excellence program to recognize achievements and contributions made to the City of Spruce Grove. To be eligible for an Award of Excellence, individuals must have made a significant contribution to the City of Spruce Grove, and have achieved national and/or international recognition in one of seven categories:


Nominations can be submitted online to be considered for the current year's award. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered for the following year's awards.


Brendan Bottcher
Justin Lawrence
Reid Schaefer
Barry Medori
Nathan Dempsey
Ann O’Connor
D'arci Sutton
Steve Arsenault
Ben Scrivens
Jonathan Giovannoni
Stephanie Labbe
Lesley McEwan
Darwin Park
Gail McGinnis
Ed Huber
Lorna Kemp
Dr. Jason Acker
Jim Titley
Cindy Barratt
Dr. Donald F. LeGatt
George B. Cuff
Kelly Perlette
Michael Jorgensen
Stuart Barnes
Allan Shenfield
The Funk Rink
Vivian Thierfelder
Dr. Locksley McGann
Grant Fuhr
Henry Singer
Jennifer Heil
Judy Kesanko
Ken Howery