Infrastructure Use Permits

Infrastructure Construction Approval Permit

An Infrastructure Construction Approval Permit (ICAP) is required for construction activity on City of Spruce Grove property or within the road right-of-way. An ICAP is required:

  • if you are working on private property and need to haul material or equipment over a City boulevard, or
  • close a lane of traffic to unload equipment, or
  • any activity on City property that detours or disrupts vehicle or pedestrian movements.

Depending on the project, the City may require the applicant to enter into a road use agreement. To confirm if you require an ICAP, please contact Engineering Services.

Storage and Waste Container Permits

The City of Spruce Grove issues storage and waste container permits for bins and bags that will be stored within the road right-of-way. If you need a storage or waste container placed on the street in front of your home, you are required to submit a storage container application (and follow the same steps as an ICAP). Please note: The City only issues these permits between May 15 and Oct. 15.


Development Fees & Fines bylaw, effective January 1, 2024 the new rates will be as follows:

ICAP Single Use  $60.00
Storage/Waste Containers  $30.00/+GST


Allowable Work Hours

Allowable working hours within city limits are Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in accordance with the Noise Control Bylaw.

The ICAP process

  • You can submit an ICAP:
  • Please submit the ICAP one week prior to starting work.
  • If you are closing a lane or road at any time, you must provide the proper road closure details, which includes a traffic accommodation plan.
  • The applicant must sign the form on the lower left.
  • An approved copy of the ICAP must be kept at the job site during construction.
    • Municipal Enforcement Officers and City staff can request to see the approved ICAP.
    • Failure to produce this approved document may result in fines.

What is a Traffic Accommodation Plan (TAP)?

A Traffic Accommodation Plan (TAP) is a diagram or sketch that shows the traffic control devices and signage to be used when completing a lane closure, or detour/closure of a sidewalk/asphalt trail. Please indicate the type of signs, placement and distance between signs, and location of barricades, cones, fencing, etc. A TAP must show the work zone, adjacent streets or intersections, multiple lanes if applicable and a north arrow.

Guidelines for temporary traffic control are outlined by Alberta Transportation.

Drawings of the traffic control setup can be completed using different software applications. For simple closures a hand-drawn sketch is adequate.